Kerridge International provides state of the art banking systems with financial products for everyone.  Read about the SWORD™ Financial Delivery Solutions

SWORD™ branch in a box technology” offers financial institutions and retailers a management tool to capture, retain and service a non-traditional customer, deliver a FDIC Insured Bank Account while complying with FinCEN and post 911 regulations such as BSA and the Patriot Act without a single key board stroke or phone call.

SWORD™ provides forensic vetting of the person, their ID and Check via the SWORD™ enrollment station plus instant issue of debit cards and other financial products. SWORD's robust and vigorous authentication process also mitigates possible attempts to launder money which may be used to fund acts of terrorism or other crimes against America.

SWORD™ provides basic banking services for a growing market place of 106 million unbanked* and under banked Americans or anyone who wishes to have more control over their money.
(*Visa study 2008)

SWORD™ saves time and prohibitive legal costs prosecuting fraud by eliminating ID and Check fraud up front at the point of entry into the monetary system.

SWORD™ delivers “state of the art” technology* to support a new inexpensive and efficient branch model encouraging the expansion of financial services across America instead of closing branches.
(*FDIC study Feb '09 Main stream banks lack the technology to vet prospects even under today’s mandate & penalties of the Patriot Act “KYC")

SWORD™ terminals run Keep It Simple Solutions software that easily guides the operator/teller though scanning 2,300+ government issued ID's* authenticating the documents and then the person, collecting further information, depositing funds and printing an “instant issue” SWORD™ Debit Card with Photo ID.
(*Drivers Lic, Military ID, State ID, Metricula Card, Green Card, etc)

Employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows SWORD™ to "read” the entire ID and the paper check eliminating ID theft/fraud and check fraud. The information is processed against 28 International Watch Lists (OFAC’s, 5 FBI lists, Interpol, etc), a world wide list of 3.4 billion people in 157 nations in 43 industrialized countries and a comprehensive bank list contained in our database.

Built to be compliant to ALL new US banking regulations including Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy/Anti Money Laundering Act, Check 21, Remote Deposit Capture regulations as well as FFIEC mandate for biometrics the SWORD™ Solution is state of the art.

SWORD™: Scanned With Optical Recognition Devices
Card: Client Authenticated Response Document
**Additional types of cards may include; FEMA Disaster Relief Card, Bank Debit Card, Medicare/Medicaid Health/Drug Card, Security Card, Visitor/Worker Visa Card, Passport Card, etc.

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